A simple make-up look in a few steps

Putting on make-up can be a very time-consuming activity, especially when you’re going all out. Luckily, simple make-up looks won’t take as much of your time while still looking good. Here are a few products you can use to create a simple but fun make-up look. It can be used on special occasions, but also in your day-to-day life. It’s all up to you!

Foundation and concealer

Foundation is not a must, but it is still a possibility. For the foundation all you really have to do is apply a bit on your face, blending it in until it looks however you want it to. For applying you can use different methods, like using a glass pipette or a beauty blender. Some even prefer to apply it to their face directly from the cosmetic jars with a pump. Whatever works for you. Concealer, contrary to foundation, is something that is preferred in these looks, even if it’s only to cover up small blemishes. This, too, has different methods of application. Just do whatever suits your fancy.


Mascara is very simple and always looks great. It darkens your eyelashes and it just goes together with basically every single make-up look. It just adds that subtle ‘pop’ to your face, especially your eyes. If you choose to add mascara, which is preferable for a look like this, make sure to get all of it off (or at least most) at the end of the day. With mascara, you can also choose whether you want to put it on your bottom lashes as well, or not. Whatever works for you.

A pop of color

This is very simple and doesn’t take too long either. Lipgloss or lipstick, whichever one you prefer, gives your face a little bit more color. Your options are endless on this one. You can choose a bright pink if you wish, but you can also go for a light red. Maybe you prefer darker colors, ranging all the way up to black lipstick. Whichever you think suits you and looks great, add it! It really finishes the look. Besides lipgloss or lipstick, you can also decide on some blush or eyeshadow to add some color to your face. For eyeshadow, once again, your options seem endless. Whatever you want to use to add a pop of color, go for it!

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