Assisted Living Communities: What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

Getting to your golden years is exciting, considering all the experiences you may have had in life and the things you have seen. Nonetheless, old age can also have some challenges, especially handling different daily tasks. If your case is severe, you will need to get admitted to a nursing home. However, if you only need a little help to get by, Winter Park assisted living, and similar facilities will be resourceful. Therefore, it is critical to understand some of the eligibility requirements such institutions need you to have.

Stable Health

Most assisted living facilities will require their residents to have stable health. That means there is no need for you or your loved one to have consistent medical attention from the facility’s staff. If that is the case, your application to get admitted into the community may be denied. In most cases, your application can go through if you have chronic illnesses, such as arthritis and diabetes, because you can independently manage such conditions.


Most facilities will be willing to take you or your loved one as long as they can walk or independently use walking aids, such as a cane, wheelchair, or walker.

Require Assistance with ADLs

ADLs are activities in daily living, and they include bathing, doing laundry, dressing, and eating. Others are meal preparations and house chores. This is a requirement because assisted living facilities only provide non-medical services.

Independently Live In an Apartment

Most residents in assisted living communities live in either a one-bedroom apartment or a studio. Nonetheless, these facilities ensure that their residents only need help during the day and not around-the-clock care.

Getting appropriate care in your senior years is critical because your body is already weak and exhausted. Nonetheless, you should know when to choose an assisted living facility or a nursing home for yourself or a loved one. That mainly depends on your health.

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