Breast Cancer Screening: Why Is It Crucial?

It is crucial to examine every woman for cancer symptoms earlier. Early-stage malignancies are easier to treat and have a better likelihood of survival than later-stage tumors. Breast cancer screening is examining a woman’s breasts for cancer before symptoms appear. It reduces the chances of dying from the disease. Reputable Cancer Center Newport Beach-based will advise you on screening suitable for you.

Who is Screened for Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer risk is usually relatively low in people under 50. Younger women’s breast tissue is denser, and the patterns on the mammography are less visible, hence difficult to read. Regular mammograms for women under the age of screening have minimal evidence of reducing fatalities.

According to the United States Preventive Service Task Force, women between the ages of 50 and 74, who are at average risk for breast cancer, should obtain a mammogram every two years. When determining whether to get mammograms before 50, women should balance the benefits and dangers of screening examinations.

Common breast cancer screening tests include:

  • Mammogram
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Breast self-awareness

Screening may, however, not always be practical. There is a probability of a false-positive test, missed tumor, or overdiagnosis. A physician may find something that appears to be cancer, but it’s not. They may miss some tumors in the breasts or discover a malignancy that wouldn’t be problematic if not interfered with.

Reputable cancer centers like the Cancer Center Newport Beach are known for effective results and care for their patients. Go for screening sooner rather than later.

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