Yobit Exchange Review – The Legit One Of Top 10 Options For Private Trading


Going down into the crypto world can be such a challenge. It is not only about pouring your money but also being smart in choosing the proper digital asset exchanges. For a trader, you might need to consider the top ranking of exchange programs. And one of the ideal options is Yobit. But how good is it? For your information, here is the Yobit exchange review to look at.

About Yobit In General And Performance

Launched in 2014, the Yobit is one of the more well-known and earliest generations of crypto exchanges. That is why you can expect that such software can stay in the market and gained popularity or the ability to stay in the top 10 options. As a forerunner, you can also say that Yobit is pretty powerful. It includes ranges of cryptocurrency and low fees.

Yobit is headquartered in Panama, but unfortunately, it only supports RUB and USD fiat cash. Just like many other exchanges, this financial software can help users to but and sell a range of cryptocurrencies. It works just like many other exchanges, where users can start trading, consider the pairs, balances, see information for other currencies, and many features.

In this Yobit exchange review, the exchange has been showing legit results for years. The security is good and put every information confidentially. The user interface is pretty simple and makes users get used to it even with the lack of tutorials. It is also available in many languages, even though it only supports two fiat currencies, USD and RUB.

The Key Features


  1. Low Trading Fees

One of the best features Yobit can offer is the low fee. Users will have to pay 0.2% for every trade regardless of their status as maker or maker-taker. For active traders, it means big income and benefits. Moreover, there won’t be any extra exchanges for trading. It can save many profits by lowering the case of withdrawal fees.

      2. Wide Range Of Cryptocurrency, Payment Method, And Features

To stay in the market and compete with many other exchanges, Yobit has a range of cryptocurrencies. It includes the famous bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. It even has features and payment methods to enhance user activities. For this Yobit exchange review, the exchange also uses YO coin as the native currency.

     3. Better Security With Anonymity and Privacy

Security-wise, one of the best aspects is the lack of KYC and AML procedures. The exchange does not force users to do the procedure and make sensitive information or data keep confidential. It also includes anonymous information during trading inside the vast world of 8576 active markets.

     4. Many Profits

To make users stay active and gain more profit, the exchange offers an exaggerated number of events and games. It helps everyone be more active. One of the games is YoPump, Investbox, or YoPony. For the Yobit exchange review, YoPony is a decent way to improve users’ engagement in boosting holding.

In general, the new crypto worker can always use the Yobit as one of the exchanges. It works and is easier to use. You can register and open an account through the official site. But its lack of training and guidance. Fortunately, the UI and UX are pretty solid, thus turning the exchange into one of the top 10 options you can take.

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