7 Best Gear Transmogs In Diablo 4

Use these gear transformations to make any Diablo 4 character look great as they travel through Sanctuary.

Transmogrification, which means that you can change the way certain pieces of gear look, is a popular trend in current video games. Customizing a character’s gear means changing how it looks, how it is made, and what colors it is. In Diablo 4, that means every piece of armor, including boots and gloves, though the head and chest piece tend to get the most attention.

This is especially true for RPGs, where players want to be able to change even the tiniest parts of how their character looks. But first, players have to find the pieces that go with the new look. When a Blacksmith brings that piece back to life. The transmog becomes one of many that the character can choose from in their Wardrobe.

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