A Traveler’s Guide to Custom Whiskey Decanter Blankets

Travel blankets, as a rule, has become indispensable for lots of travelers today. Having the power to heat up and feel cozy during long flights, trains, and car trips makes travel blankets a must have. A whiskey decanter blanket as a travel blanket is one of the type of travel blankets that is favored by many people. These blankets are one-of-a-kind and apart from giving warmth also display the personalized designs that capture the owner’s personality and interests.


What is a Custom Whiskey Decanter Blanket?


On a whiskey decanter blanket there is an image of most common whiskey decanter bottles. Whiskey decanter bottles tend to be highly embellished, with intricate detailing and different wordings for different brands and types of whiskey.


Usually custom whiskey decanter blankets are printed using very high resolution pictures of whiskey bottles magnified into a big-scale pattern. It is up to the owner to decide the styles of whiskeys shown on the blanket. Another blanket type enables you to include your very own private collection of whiskeys.


Finally, the result is a visually impressive item that displays the best of whiskey bottle label designs. This also means that the blankets are ideal for whiskey connoisseurs or the whiskey lovers’ gifts.


Choosing Your Design


The custom whiskey decanter blankets are among the best parts of the product as you can choose the label images you wish to be displayed. Most of manufacturers have a wide variety of whiskey bottle images and labels to choose from the options include:

  • Types like Scotch, bourbon, rye, or Irish whiskey
  • Color themes like black labels, red labels, or gold labels
  • Classic vintage designs or modern decanter styles
  • Single malts, blends, or small-batch options

Take time to review all the design options to find labels that fit your tastes perfectly. Many blankets also allow you to send in your own custom bottle images as well. This lets you truly customize the blanket with special bottles from your home bar collection.


Keep in mind you can select a single oversized label for a focused look. Or, combine 4-6 smaller labels for a collage style. Both create eye-catching designs. Just decide whether you want to highlight one special whiskey or a variety.


Choosing the Right Size

Custom whiskey decanter blankets come in a range of sizes to meet different needs. Typical sizes include:

  • Travel size – Ideal for airplanes and travel bags, around 50″ x 60″
  • Twin size – Provides more room to stretch out, around 60″ x 80″
  • Queen size – For sharing or extra warmth, around 80″ x 90″
  • Oversized queen and king sizes – For wrapping up at home, go up to 108″ x 90″

In general, travel blanket for airplane provide ample warmth and coverage on airplanes and other confined spaces. Larger sizes give more room to share or stay wrapped up at home.


Consider what environments you plan to use the blanket most in. This will help determine the ideal size blanket for your needs.


Premium Construction for Cozy Warmth

While designs may differ, all custom whiskey decanter blankets provide exceptional warmth and softness. They are typically made from premium materials like:

  • Fleece or flannel fabricexteriors that feel plush and cozy
  • Soft, lofty polyester fiber interiors that retain body heat
  • Durable edge binding to prevent fraying and wear
  • Hidden zipper closures to keep the blankets securely wrapped

Premium details like antistatic protection and machine washability add convenience. With high-end materials and craftsmanship, these blankets keep you warm in style trip after trip.


Taking Care of Your Blanket

With their premium construction, custom whiskey decanter blankets can last for years when properly cared for. Follow these tips to keep blankets in top condition:

  • Avoid excessive heat to prevent damage to the images or fabrics
  • Wash in cold water and tumble dry low to prevent shrinking
  • Fold or roll up blankets after use to minimize wrinkling
  • Check zippers routinely and replace any that become damaged
  • Consider specialty cleaning for deep, periodic cleaning

By treating the blankets gently and cleaning only when needed, the designs and materials will hold up well over time. Proper storage between uses also helps blankets maintain their lofty warmth.


For whiskey drinkers who frequently travel or entertain, custom whiskey decanter blankets provide a practical yet personal gift. The ability to select favorite brands and labels for the design makes each blanket truly unique. Combining multi-use functionality with customizable style, these blankets appeal to whiskey lovers of all kinds. Keep this guide in mind when selecting the perfect design, size, and construction features for your ideal custom whiskey decanter blanket.



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