Aston Martin Common Problems

When it comes to high-end sports cars, Aston Martin has carved a niche for itself in the global market. With a rich lineage tracing back to the early 20th century, Aston Martin’s portfolio now includes not just premium sports cars, but also SUVs and hypercars.

Aston Martin Common Problems

However, the ownership experience of these British luxury vehicles isn’t as flawless as it might seem. In this article, we delve into the most common aston martin problems that owners often keep under wraps.

1. Early Rusting: A Recurring Nightmare

Early Rusting A Recurring Nightmare (Service My Car)

Aston Martin’s track record in producing some of the world’s most iconic cars is irrefutable. Yet, their models dating back a few decades, including the highly acclaimed DB5, have been victims of early rusting. This issue of early corrosion has been a constant distress for owners, tainting their luxury ownership experience.

1.1  The Rusting Predicament

Aston Martin cars, designed with an emphasis on performance and luxury, unfortunately, fell short when it came to reliability. These vehicles tended to rust a lot quicker than their German counterparts. Even their V8 Vantage model as recent as 2006 has been reported to suffer from early rusting. Therefore, if you’re considering buying an older Aston Martin, be prepared to shell out extra for bodywork.

2. The Engine Conundrum: Old AMG Engines

The Engine Conundrum Old AMG Engines (Service My Car)

Aston Martin’s decision to partner with Mercedes, following financial difficulties, led to the introduction of modified AMG engines in modern Aston Martin vehicles.

2.1  The AMG Engine Dilemma

While some may view this as an excellent strategy to enhance performance, others may question Aston Martin’s competitiveness in the performance segment. The concern deepens when you consider that Aston Martin is using older AMG designs that are less efficient than the current AMG models.

3. The Infotainment System: Old Mercedes Tech

The collaboration between Aston Martin and Mercedes extends to the infotainment system and engine management system. The AMG engine’s complexity necessitates a sophisticated engine management system to ensure seamless functioning.

3.1  The Infotainment Issue

However, Aston Martin owners are at a disadvantage here, as they receive the previous version of the MBUX system. Therefore, despite investing over $100,000 on their new coupe, Aston Martin owners might miss out on basic features available in an entry-level A-Class.

4. The Key Problem: Bulky and Outdated

The Key Problem Bulky and Outdated (Service My Car)

Despite Aston Martin’s reputation for sleek and modern design, the keys provided with the modern Astons are bulky and not very appealing.

4.1  The Key Conundrum

While many other modern luxury brands also possess bulky keys, automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Tesla have evolved to have thin, modern, card-like keys. Compared to these, Aston Martin’s key appears rather old-fashioned.

5. Unconventional Gear Buttons: A Mixed Response

Unconventional Gear Buttons A Mixed Response (Service My Car)

As a trend, car manufacturers have been looking at reducing the size of the gear lever. Aston Martin took a different approach by eliminating their shifter and introducing dynamic gear buttons on the center console.

5.1  The Gear Button Brouhaha

The gear buttons, although covered in glass and crystal, weren’t received positively. Despite mockery from fans worldwide, Aston Martin has stuck to its decision, and the latest models continue to feature these gear buttons.

6. The Transmission Trouble: Tricky and Slow

The Transmission Trouble Tricky and Slow (Service My Car)

Like many luxury brands, Aston Martin made the switch to automatic gearboxes in the last decade. However, the transition wasn’t as smooth as expected.

6.1  The Transmission Turmoil

While Aston Martin continued to offer manual transmissions for specific racing cars in their Vantage range, they included paddle shifters on either side of the steering wheel. But complaints about these paddle shifters being flimsy and slow have been a common grievance among Aston Martin owners.

7. The Technology Gap: Lacking Modern Amenities

The Technology Gap Lacking Modern Amenities (Service My Car)

Modern cars are incredibly advanced, especially in terms of safety and security features. However, new Aston Martin owners might find themselves left wanting in these aspects.

7.1  The Tech Lapse

Although new Aston Martins come with all the basic safety features, they lag behind their competitors. Aston Martin owners might have to pay extra for cameras and additional sensors, which are commonly available at no extra cost in entry-level models from other brands.

8. Maintenance Woes: Hefty and Frequent

Maintenance Woes Hefty and Frequent (Service My Car)

Owning a unique and rare vehicle like Aston Martin comes with its own set of challenges. The rare availability of replacement parts and official servicing can lead to high maintenance costs.

8.1  The Maintenance Menace

The costs of maintaining an Aston Martin can quickly escalate, making ownership an expensive affair. Even if you manage to get a good deal on a second-hand model, restoration, and maintenance costs might make you reconsider your decision.

9. The Depreciation Dilemma: Faster Than Competitors

The Depreciation Dilemma: Faster Than Competitors (Service My Car)

Aston Martin competes with several luxury brands in the auto industry. However, Aston Martin owners can expect their vehicles to depreciate faster than their German rivals.

9.1  The Depreciation Distress

This quick depreciation is mainly due to the reliability issues and high maintenance costs associated with the Aston Martin brand. However, the silver lining here is that you may be able to get a good deal on a used Aston Martin.

10. The Performance Puzzle: Slower Than A Porsche

The Performance Puzzle Slower Than A Porsche (Service My Car)

Aston Martin is renowned for manufacturing beautiful cars. However, when it comes to performance, they fall behind their competitors.

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10.1 The Performance Problem

The Vantage from Aston Martin, for instance, is significantly slower than the AMG GT and the Porsche 911. The Vantage can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, whereas the 911 Turbo can do this in just 2.6 seconds.

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In conclusion, while Aston Martin stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication, potential owners should be aware of the common aston martin problems. Understanding these issues will not only help potential buyers make informed decisions but also ensure that existing owners are better prepared to handle any problems that might arise.


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