Every Arena War Vehicle In Grand Theft Auto Online

The Arena War workshop added some cars that were very different from anything else in the game. Here is where each one stands.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Arena War workshop is one of the most expensive but least-used businesses. With the Arena War update, there were a lot of new vehicles and a place to change them into lethal killing tools. This is a common theme in many of the game’s updates. These cars can be upgraded with strange but deadly parts, making even the most basic rides in GTA Online look like they came from Mad Max or a crazy and cruel bleak future.

With these dangerous and over-the-top cars, players can take part in deadly events called Arena War Series. These game types are very chaotic, but so are the streets of Los Santos. This makes Arena War vehicles a good choice for navigating the dangerous and unpredictable streets of the city, where war machines are free to roam and everyone has a huge arsenal of weapons. Even if a player doesn’t like the Arena War Series game mode, they can’t deny that these customizable death machines are interesting.

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