Family Island – Farm Game is a fun simulation game

You may have a lot of fun with Family Island – Farm Game on your PC. Elements of survival, exploration, and base-building games are all included. In addition to the difficult gameplay, it also features stunning aesthetics. You should play this PC game if you like interesting simulation games.

The game will start with a short tutorial, similar to those found in most video games. Some of them correspond to achievements that grant you cool bonuses. As soon as you begin playing Family Island, you’ll be tasked with completing a number of objectives. You can get cool in-game rewards by completing them. This player level guide is here to help anyone who are inquisitive about the game and would like to get a head start before diving in.

The First Three Levels of Family Island – Farm Game

As soon as you press the launch button, you’ll be whisked away to the island. There, a cheerful prehistoric family will meet you and show you the ropes. As is customary for new players, this initial stage will serve as a tutorial. Your stone age guide will show you where to find grass, stones, and other materials you’ll need to complete specific chores. If you click on a tool, it will assign that resource to a certain member of your family. When you have amassed enough supplies, you can start erecting dwellings and establishing farms.

Family Island Farm Game


In the next chapter, you will learn how to make improvements. Most likely, your home will be at the level one, and upgrading it will require additional money and materials. Ten blades of grass, stones, and sticks will be required for the initial improvement. The energy output of your home will increase as you raise its level. You’ll have more time to do things like hunting, fishing, building, and cooking. In order to begin, you must construct a Hearth, as cooking is crucial to your success. Get it from the featured store and mark it on your map. When you’re finished, go dig up some roots for dinner.

If you’ve done everything you were supposed to, you get to pick a prize from a deck of three cards. Choose one option and move on to the next stage. You should think about improving crucial structures that will let you survive as long as possible.

At level three, you should have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Family Island – Farm Game. You’re entering its later stages, when further effort is required to accomplish goals like constructing a stone workshop. When you reach this point, you will also begin to learn about exploring. When you’ve cleared enough missions, you’ll unlock access to new islands.

The Mid-Game Grind of Levels Four To Six

Having reached this level, you should be able to handle the game’s fundamentals with ease. Linking your Facebook account with your game credentials is a good way to prevent losing any progress you’ve made. Twenty rubies will be added to your total for this action. You probably have a big family with plenty of kids by now. Obviously, they’ll need more food as well, and if you don’t keep an eye on things, you could run out. Spend at least two rubies to buy some food immediately if you find yourself in such a predicament. However, they are quite few, so make the most of them.

Family Island PC Guide


Keep in mind that even the fifth level comes with prizes. Since you’ve already put in the groundwork for your new house, all that’s left to do is spruce it up a bit. It is also possible to tend crops and gather food for livestock. Improve your home or other significant buildings if you happen to have some extra stones lying around. Up until level 6, you’re in maintenance mode.

Bonus cards in this level include a gold key, shovel, pickaxe, and saw, making the challenge a bit more interesting. These are cool tools that could come in handy in the future. Ali Hapoor Ama Zon, a newcomer, is about to set sail for your coast. He is a nomadic dealer of unique wares. You won’t find any of the items he sells in a standard store, so it’s worth it to take a look around.

Sending You Off At Levels Seven To Nine

Seven through nine are simply a revolving door of management, construction, culinary, and improvement tasks. The game will no longer guide you through each step and instead present increasingly difficult obstacles. Upon reaching each milestone, you will, of course, be rewarded. Decorating your new island home is another worthwhile endeavor. Don’t waste your limited supplies by not being strategic. Increase your chances of survival by constantly bettering your production facilities and your dwelling. Don’t get too comfortable; there are incentives waiting for you as you go through the tiers.

This concludes the Family Island – Farm Game player guide. This fantastic PC game is available for free download, and it could be your first step. If you want the best possible gaming experience, use the Slope game launcher.

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