List Of The Singularity’s Best Add-Ons In Dead by Daylight

The Singularity is a new killer that has been added to Dead by Daylight. Here are the best add-ons to make you a truly cruel killer.

Each Killer in Dead by Daylight has their own set of Add-Ons that they can bring into their matches. Add-Ons are unique things that a player can use to improve their skills. Each Add-On does something different, like make it easier to track, give the Killer’s power more charges, or speed it up. Each Add-On has its own rarity, but that doesn’t always mean it’s more or less useful. Because of this, it can be hard to know which Add-Ons to bring into a Dead by Daylight match.

The Add-Ons for The Singularity are especially involved and can change how it is played. With a power that is already hard to understand, Dead by Daylight players may not know how to play as The Singularity or what builds to bring. Here, they can find a list of the best Add-Ons for The Singularity.

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