Rainbow Six Siege: The 12 Best Maps

There are a lot of maps in Rainbow Six: Siege, and they all have their own good points. Here is our list of the top 10 maps in the game.

Right now, Rainbow Six Siege is the shooter with the most depth. A big reason for this is that every map in the game is interesting and has a lot going on. Even though not all of the maps are exactly balanced, they all have a lot of small details. Almost always, the team that knows the map best and uses that knowledge to its advantage wins. A lot of the maps in the game, even ones that have been there since the game came out, are still getting new techniques.

Here are ten of the best maps in Rainbow Six Siege right now. Even though the remake of P.S. Kanal looks good, it won’t be on this list because it hasn’t been out nearly long enough to make a fair assessment.

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