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Flexible LED strip lights, or flexible LED tape lights, or ribbon lights have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past as both interior and exterior lighting solutions in both the commercial and residential buildings. LED strip lights are also slim and bendable so they can be used in practically any residential setting for spotlighting, under cabinet lighting, or ambient lighting. Offers are in many colours, dimensions and luminosity to meet basically any need of the most effective illumination.


It is important that one makes the purchase from the manufacturer directly. For those who are planning on buying LED strip lights, many people will be inclined to buy from third party sellers. Nonetheless, purchasing an LED strip lamp directly from the manufacturer excluding resellers or middlemen is greatly advantageous and thus should be considered.


Higher Quality Products


One of the biggest benefits of buying <a href=”https:The advantage of getting your LED Strip Lights suppliers or from the manufacturer is that you will be able to get better quality of the lights and the parts used. There is a lot of experience in the design, engineering, and actual construction of LED strip lights from leading manufacturers. They use the finest LED chips, circuit boards, power supplies, and other materials in their lights. This led to strip lights that are very durable, consume low power and they give out a bright light.


While most manufacturers offer original products designed and built to certain specifications, resellers might sell the same item that may look similar on the exterior but has cut corners and uses substandard parts within. The lights may last a shorter time than specified or emit light that is much weaker than needed. Essentially, by purchasing the products directly from the manufacturers, buyers are assured of getting the best quality of a lighting product.

Customization Options


This is another big advantage of direct buying because most LED strip light manufacturers offer custom or bespoke products. Manufacturers possess all the capacity and tools required for designing strip light’s characteristics and can accommodate nearly any characteristic a buyer may desire.


For instance, cuttable lengths make it easier for buyers to obtain the specific length of lighting they require for the installation rather than having to purchase fixed lengths and joining them. It is also possible for manufacturers to make strip lights with specific adhesives on the back, the way of connecting power, compact LED chips or waterproof according to specific applications. These can even be customized to have special display options such as certain colors, color shifting options or even the option to dim.


These options imply that the customers will be able to get the equipment that suits them in regards to color temperature, whereas a third party will be offering generic strip lights that do not work for anybody specifically. For such projects, the customizability feature comes in handy because lighting projects have unique specifications.


Lower Prices


The first major cost saving identified is on price as there is no middleman when buying directly from the LED strip light manufacturer. Different entities like wholesalers, distributors, retailers etc. place mark ups along the supply chain and the end consumer is the one who has to pay that amount. The increased number of middlemen between the manufacturer and the buyer leads to the increase of the final sale price.


When the procurement is done directly from the manufacturer, the buyer gets to pay the cost of production only and a fair amount of profit added to the manufacturers’ end. In cases where manufacturers are making a one-stop-shop purchase for their lighting needs, they may get even more favorable prices or flexible pricing that will have the overall cost of the lights even lower. These lower prices give the buyer monetary benefits that are really substantial, especially for the buyer who installs strip lights in more than one place.



LED Strip Lights suppliers  is an efficient method of giving out light, and it is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. However for the buyers planning to leverage on the advantages of strip lights should consider ordering from the manufacturer directly rather than a 3rd party seller. This way you receive only high quality light fixtures that can be adapted to the particular project at the best possible price. Check out the wide range of <a href=”https:In the process of selecting the LED strip light for your next project, it is recommended to visit Alibaba. com <a href=”http://www. alibaba. com/”>LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers</a>. The benefits of purchasing from the original source have no doubt some of the biggest that cannot be turned down.


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